A recent buyer of a Goleta club says:

I so appreciate your professional expertise. Thank you for a seamless transaction.

A recent buyer of a retail business in Ventura says:

When I initially called Sharon, she took the time to explain the purchase process and the many things I should look out for without any expectation of payment. In subsequent phone calls, it became clear that I had nothing to lose and lots to gain by officially employing Sharon to navigate the rough waters that soon arose in the buying process. The deal involved a seller in Indiana, a business broker in Texas and a buyer in California. Needless to say, just about every awkward situation that could arise, did. The entire purchase took 6 months to complete, and as this was a very small business, no expectation of a big payout for Sharon. She was knowledgeable about all the technical issues, always available to me for consultation and great at making sure the “i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed.”